Monday, October 27, 2014

Spider Web Nails

Today in the life,
I had class from 9-11am. Not bad for a Monday haha and also on the plus side I had a quiz which I rocked! Always a good feeling.
I had some time today to pamper myself a bit, so I decided to change up my nail desing to a Halloween themed design. I settled on a simple design of a web, spider and glitter :) which you can see below! No idea what I am gonna dress up as for Halloween this year ( ugh I only have like 4 days to figure it out) but I'm taking my kido trick or treating for sure so I need a good costume. Have any ideas....comment below!
*Side note*
Something new in my life is that my parent in laws bought me a new car! I had a 97 Honda Accord that was so messed up! So they got me a used 98 lexus ES 300 for my birthday :) how amazing is that! So thankful for the people I have in my life that's for sure! So now I can actually accelerate uphill haha (let's just say I wasn't able to before and I got a lot of nasty honks for it lol). So this new car is so awesome (leather seats and tinted windows...ummm yes please).
**I have found that if you love life,  life will love you back**
-Arthur Rubinstein