Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Today in the life,
I went to help my sister study for her accuplacer test. So proud of her for choosing to attend college. Anywho, my son and I were talking with her about camping and how awesome and fun it is. It made me crave some smores. So when my son and I went home we stopped at Walmart and got the ingredients for smores :) they were so delicious. You cant beat marshmallows and chocolate lol. We have a gas stove so it all worked out very well. Mmmmmmmm still thinking about them haha. Hope you have a great night!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Passed the Semester!

Today in the life,
I finished the fall semester of senior year last week and today found out that I had passed all my classes! YAY me! I am very proud to say that the spring 2015 semester will be my last before graduation. Now of course it feels like time has swooped on by but time is relative. It will have taken me 6 years to graduate but at least I will be able to sat I did it, I graduated from one of the most respected engineering schools in the country. That fuels me to keep going. About 5 more months to go! Eeeek.

**My advice for those of you going through college is to surround yourself with as many driven and positive people you can. They will not only keep you company but will support you and push you to be better. They will also make for some amazing connections once you are in the workforce. So keep that in mind.**

Anyways, to be honest this "break" is driving me nuts and it has only been a week. I am the type of person who strives on stress and constantly doing something, "anything" lol. Maybe I will get back to the gym and working out again.... we shall see. Until next time.

“Just know, when you truly want success, you’ll never give up on it. No matter how bad the situation may get.” - Unknown

<3 Crystal

Friday, December 5, 2014

Proposal From the Best Guy Ever!

Today in the life,
I am finally able to just hang out at home and relax. After the USHER concert I still had to go back to school and finish 2 projects. Needless to say I got back home at 5am. Woke up at 7:30am to get my son ready for school, dropped him off and headed to school myself til 5pm. I crashed out for 3 hours and had to write up one more report. Man it was a tough week haha. I didn't even get the chance to post about how amazing my man was on Saturday!

So I took my son to my mama's and because the whole family was home, we decided to put up Christmas decorations outside the house and put up the tree. Well my man called and decided he would come over and help. Well that was awesome all on its own.

Anyways he an I left back home and my son stood the night at my mom's. We hadn't ate dinner yet so we left to get something to eat. Well he started driving farther than usual (I was like that's weird) but I hadn't really been able to hang out with him alone in a while so I just went with it. So he pulls into a parking lot by our favorite hotel and said he wanted to walk around. Well they have a beautiful large pond with a water fountain and lights all around. It is a very romantic place. Well he reminded me that one of our first dates was when we walked around this pond (it's right next to the movie theater), and I immediately remembered how much fun we had at 16 here (laughing and not knowing where our lives were going to take us).

He said," we have been through a lot, and I think we could go through a lot more." I smiled and looked towards him as he dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him. OMG it was sooo exciting and meant so much!!

See he had proposed to me back when we were 16 after we had found out we were having a baby. I said yes then and 9 years later I said yes again. He said I deserved a real proposal and that he still felt the same as he did back then. He is the best, and being teenage parents and going through high school and college and entering the workforce, it has definitely been an adventure. I am so grateful to have such an amazing man in my life, who supports me in being a chemical engineer and never doubting me and my ability to go to college and still be a a great mom and wife to be.

I hope all you ladies and gents find an amazing partner that will go through the thick and thin and will always support you and your dreams!
<3 Crystal 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Best concert ever!

Today in the life,
I am still feeling the massive energy I received from the Usher concert 2 days ago!  Wow can that man perform. He engaged the crowd, controlled the stage like nobody's business and gave an amazing show. I had bought the tickets for my mom for her 50th birthday. She loves Usher (who doesn't right?) Anyways, I am so glad I got tickets because he blew my mind. He literally sounded like his voice was on the radio. So clean, he hit every high note with ease and the best part was that you felt his passion for what he does. You could feel his joy and happiness to do what he loves! We were so lucky to witness that!

So I most definitely recommend seeing his concert!

Also on the plus side DJ Cassidy opened for him as well as August Alsina...he has such an amazing voice too. He will go far for sure. You can tell when someone just has that drive to do and be better!

Anyways, have an amazing night!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mines Football

Today in the life,
My fiance, best friend and I went to watch the Colorado School of Mines football playoff game. It was awesome. I have attended this school for 5 years and have never had the chance to go to a college football game. So I was estatic this morning lol. This was one of the things I wanted to do befor I graduated and I did it. Item crossed off the bucketlist.  Oh and you bet I actually have a bucketlist, do you? I don't plan on wasting my life on things I hate. So I have things like bunji jumping, jumping out of a plane, and riding a hot air baloon to name a few. Other include traveling all over the world! Life is amazing, don't take it for granted :)

BTW we went to see MockingJay Part 1 and I was a little dissapointed. I mean I know they always save the amazing parts for Part 2 but still. Anywho Peta looked crazy! Let me know what you guys thought of the movie and if you have anything on your bucketlist that I should add to mine lol. Have an amazing day!


Saturday, November 15, 2014


Today in the life,
I found inspiration from myself.  I wasn't quite sure what to post today until I looked back at my older posts and found "inspiration."
I have finally listened to my own advice lately which is... that the only person or thing holding you back from what you really yourself. 
My younger sister wanted to get her first job and asked for advice,  so I helped her create a resume and told her the types of questions you get asked. Anyway, she applied to places but didn't get any responses. I advised her to follow up on her applications and to speak to the manager and ensure that they knew she was definitely interested. Well she was nervous and I can't blame her because I am the same way. Well I told her that the worst thing that could happen is that they say they have filled the position or are uninterested because of your lack of experience. All they can do is say NO and you will be in the exact same place that you are now, BUT you will know where you stand with that company and can move on. Sure your ego could hurt a little but know that you are a great catch and can do anything you put your mind to. Just don't give up.
If you don't put yourself out there and start making connections, you can't go any further than you are now.
So today I was thinking back at this moment with my sister and how I needed to take my own advice and put myself out there. The engineering jobs I am looking for are not going to just knock on my door, I have to be confident, apply, and realize that the worse thing they could do to say no and I need to just keep pushing forward. Things always work out the way they should. I firmly believe in that.
So get out there and put your fears aside. A great man in my family once told me that all you can do is your best in this life, if you do your best, you will never feel bad about it. So get out there and be true to yourself. Do your best and make yourself proud and in turn you will make others proud of you along the way.
Have an amazing week!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hot Chocolate...Yum

Today in the life,
The snow continues to fall in all its freezing glory. The fam and I took to Burlington's Coat Factory to replenish our seasonal gear for the coming winter. These low temps are no joke. Today was a high of 18 degrees and tomorrow a high of 10 degrees. Like what? 10 degrees is what I have to work with? Lol hence why we went shopping for coats, gloves and beanies galore.

After shopping we couldn't resist some hot cocoa from Starbucks :) Mmm the warm liquid flowing down my soar throat was the best thing ever! We went home and cooked some vegetable and beef stew. It was amazing and a perfect dinner for evenings like this. We watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with our kido and hung out the rest of the night while I wrote my report on oil extraction and completed most of my bioprocess engineering homework. Great day with the family today :) Hope you all had an awesome day too!

P.S. On behalf of it being Veteran's Day i have to say I have much respect to those who are serving for the USA currently and to those who have done so in the past. 


Monday, November 10, 2014

Brrrr...It's Cold Outside

Today in the life,
I had two exams for one class. A written portion on enzymes and heat exchangers, then a computer portion using Polymath. Grueling day,  except that Golden, CO saw it's first snow today of the 2014-2015 school year. Boy did it come down. Soft, white snowflakes drizzled down outside the window, falling graciously until it stuck to the grass outside. Such an amazing site to see. I love the snow and everything that comes with it. Wrapping up in a blanket, cuddling on the couch and watching netflix all day with some hot cocoa....amazing. From the forecast, looks like it's going to be chilly all week.  I guess I better buy a scarf and gloves :)
How is the weather in your city?

Have an amazing week!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

One Day At a Time

Today in the life,
I have been playing catch up. Sometimes life throws a million and one things at you and you feel helpless. Well this was me all week, but then I remembered I was strong, that I have picked myself up numerous times before and conquered many things because of I've been trying to pull it together.
I do though, have to give a shout out to my friends, because without them I wouldn't have been able to get everything done alone. So word of advice, if you have bitch face like I do and have a shy personality like me, good luck! I couldn't have made it through college without opening up and talking to people, so I suggest for you to try to open up, smile, join clubs and get to know people. The connections you make in college will most likely be there for you always whether you are in the same state or not. So get out there!
Anyways, I have a transport phenomenon exam tonight! Wish me luck. Senior year is almost halfway through and I couldn't be more excited...this is what I will use as my motivation to keep pushing forward!
Have a fantastic day :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Spider Web Nails

Today in the life,
I had class from 9-11am. Not bad for a Monday haha and also on the plus side I had a quiz which I rocked! Always a good feeling.
I had some time today to pamper myself a bit, so I decided to change up my nail desing to a Halloween themed design. I settled on a simple design of a web, spider and glitter :) which you can see below! No idea what I am gonna dress up as for Halloween this year ( ugh I only have like 4 days to figure it out) but I'm taking my kido trick or treating for sure so I need a good costume. Have any ideas....comment below!
*Side note*
Something new in my life is that my parent in laws bought me a new car! I had a 97 Honda Accord that was so messed up! So they got me a used 98 lexus ES 300 for my birthday :) how amazing is that! So thankful for the people I have in my life that's for sure! So now I can actually accelerate uphill haha (let's just say I wasn't able to before and I got a lot of nasty honks for it lol). So this new car is so awesome (leather seats and tinted windows...ummm yes please).
**I have found that if you love life,  life will love you back**
-Arthur Rubinstein

Monday, September 15, 2014

Cupcake candle

Today in the life,
I have so much homework due this week and I thought I would share my study habits that I normally practice in order to get through it all in one peace!

Shown below is my new cupcake candle. I won it in a raffle at a long time friend's baby shower. It is the cutest thing and it smells like milk chocolate :) so delicious! My room smells amazing lol.

So this is the first thing I do when I have my room to myself (my fiancé and son are out getting haircuts) is to light a good smelling candle so that I can calm down, breathe in the good and breathe out the bad.

Next up, I turn on the radio. Ugh watching television and doing homework does not work well for me, but put on some slow R&B and I'm in good shape to get some major work done.

But first, I spend 5 to 10 minutes on social media... ugh I know that darn internet, but it gets my internet fix done with, and I can finally focus on my work :) 

When others are around, I put in earphones to keep from getting distracted or I simply find a quiet place. In my house though there are very seldom places to have a quiet room to yourself lol so I sometimes have to leave and study at school. 

Well hope this helps ya out!

♡ Crystal

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lips of the season

Today in the life,  

I decided to wear my new lipstick, "Liar"by Urban Decay to work, and I have to say that I am in love with this nude color. It has a slight pink tint that is perfect for my darker skin. I've always had trouble finding a nude lipstick that would work for my skin,  go figure I would go to the new Ulta beauty store that just opened by my house and luck out! Eeek so excited. Especially because according to recent fashion shows,  natural is the "in" look! I love natural beauty so I'm glad I will be in style this fall season! So you can understand my excitement.

Anyways, as an update from my previous posts, I participated in the career fair at school last week, and it went amazing! At least 5 companies were interested so I'm over the moon with joy that it went well :)

The engineering companies were from allover the US though so I will have to see what would be best for my family. My original plan was to stay in Colorado because I absolutely love it here, but I'm keeping an open mind now to move to a different state. I know God will lead me in the right direction!

Attached are some of this years Fall Collection,  displaying natural beauty :) Enjoy!

Lloyd Simmonds About Fall-Winter 2014-15 Make-Up …:

And as always, stay positive,  smile and live your life in the way that makes you feel happy and free!


Saturday, September 6, 2014

The most exciting time of the year!

Tree of Color: Fall, when the colors of change are upon us.
By: Crystal Lobato

Today in the life,

I have been thinking about Fall and what that means... my son will be turning 8 this year!!!OMG 8 years OLD! Which means I will be 25! Hmmm... a quarter of a century this year. To be honest I was a little sad that I was already going to be 25 and my little boy is growing up before my eyes everyday with his own personality and likes and dislikes. It's absolutely amazing to watch your child grow into an amazing little person. Well... I was first sad and then realized that the last 25 years have been such an adventure! I can't remember ever having a dull moment. I lived my life happy in those 25 years and I can only wait and see what the next 25 years has in store for me!

Many people love that I am so optimistic and I love it too, because nobody wants to live a sad boring life and honestly it will only be sad and boring if you see it that way.

I was pregnant at 16yrs old. I graduated high school in the top of my class. I was accepted into one of the best engineering colleges in the USA. I have been with my fiancé for over 8 years! I am a senior preparing to graduate with my bachelor's degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering in May of 2015. So all in all I have to say I have had an amazing ride so far. Thanks to my friends and family, life has been absolutely excellent! Now your homework is, to list at least 7 things that are amazing in your life 😊 Why 7? Well because 7 is my favorite number.

Anyways, besides birthday fun and madness, my anniversary is coming up and who can forget Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! My favorite holidays ever! Super excited for Fall and Winter.

*Side note: nervous for career day at school next week. Eeeeeeek 300 companies looking for engineers and everyone practically tackling the recruiters for their attention haha. Wish me luck!

Much love,

Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Black Pumps!

Hello! Hope your day is going amazing and if not, keep your head up and push forward!

Today in the life,
I took my sis to the mall to shop for a b-day gift and an outfit for a concert coming up. We scoured almost every clothing store searching for the perfect outfit. While we looked around I found the cutest black pumps that would be perfect for career day we are having at school.  So of course I had to purchase them.

*Side note: found the black pumps at Forever 21 for only $20*

In a few weeks, career day will be upon us. Approximately 300 engineering companies attend! It's massive and putting your best foot forward is a must. Everyone is in straight competition to get the job. So finding the perfect outfit, that not only presents you in a professional manner but also your style, is key. In my opinion you can see a lot about a person by what they wear.

Anyway, I was unable to find a good power suit, so I will have to go shopping again, but we were able to find all the peices to my sister's outfit for the concert so I'll take that as a win!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Background On...Well...Me!

Hey there,
My name is Crystal and this blog is all about a day in the life of me. I'm just a regular gal, no celebrity status here, but I have been blessed with an exciting and busy life. My son will soon be 8yrs old (Plot twist #1 my fiancé and I were both16yrs old when I gave birth to our beautiful boy). Can you sense the drama we encountered? Being sophmores in high school, scared to become parents, scared to inform our parents with the news (Plot twist #2 my son has been the best gift in my life). 

So there I was, pregnant at 16 and deciding what the best course of action was in order to move forward. Thinking back, this was a critical moment/decision in my life. I held my head up and told myself I wouldn't be another statistic of a young girl getting pregnant and ruining her life. I decided in this moment that I would fight as hard as I could to be successful and take care of my child, not only financially but by being an amazing mom. In order to do this, I knew I needed to finish high school. 

I have always enjoyed learning and up to that point in my life I was in a very good position academically. Therfore, continuing school was a must. I decided to talk to my counselor (for the second time throughout my high school career) and I asked him if I could take online classes in the summer in order to complete the classload I would have had in my first semester of junior year. This way I could stay at home during my last trimester of pregnancy and not fall behind on my coursework. He loved the idea and we set it all up. Throughout that summer I contacted my counselor a few times to take my exams and one day he mentioned that he attended Colorado School of Mines and that I should think about applying there for college. He stated he was unable to complete the degree but with my background in science and math I should check it out. I had never heard of it before. But long story short I applied there and got in! I am currently a senior in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering! Super excited to have only a year left! :) 

Thanks for reading. More interesting stories to come!