Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hey there,
So I recieved a free sample of Milkflow by upspring and it suprisingly doesn't taste bad. I tried the berry flavor. It has fenugreek to help breastfeeding moms with their milk supply. So far so good. I have a 6month old who is growing like a weed so all in all I would recommend this product.

Also I tried the milkscreen by upsring. This product measures the amount of alcohol in breastmilk. I had a glass of wine the other day and wanted to check if my breastmilk was safe or not. I would recommend this product also! Easy to use and accurate. Thank you Influenster for the free samples.



Friday, May 15, 2015

Hey there,

It's been awhile. I was busy trying to focus on my last semester of college. It paid off!!! I am now officially a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines (which I learned recently took the number 1 spot for engineering school in the USA)! I am now the holder of a Bachelor's degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. I still can't believe how far I have come in my life. Being a young mom and all the stressful moments we as a family had to push through so that I could get here. The hard and stressful all nighters to the stress it put on my relationships with my family, fiance and friends all led up to this point and I couldn't be happier!

I was very lucky to have an amazing support system. I was able to surround myself with the type of people who wanted more in life and believed that I could be more than just a teenage mom statistic. From the time I found out that I was pregnant I have done everything in my power to succeed in something that would allow me to take care of my family. I never let people tell me how my life should play out...even though they tried and I hope that you never let anyone dictate your life either. I take things one day at a time (not to say that I don't PLAN because I am totally a planner) and have figured out along the way that life is really what YOU make it. Your biggest enemy is yourself. You decide what is too hard or too easy or too stupid. YOU decide whether or not you will live your dream or not. Unfortunately I had no financial help from my parents, but I didn't let that stop me. I received grants (financial aid) and took out loans in order to pay for my education, but I didn't let it go to waste. I cannot wait to start work as an engineer. I have always been a problem solver, someone who could look at a problem in a different light and figure out how to make things work. Solving problems is what I love and when you do something you love, all the stress and money in the world couldn't prevent you from doing it.

In closing I just want to say thank you to every single person who has told me that I can do this, I can make it and who has supported me through it all. I also want to say that you can do anything you put your heart and mind into. Follow your dreams and do something that makes you HAPPY it is well worth it.

<3 Crystal

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Politics: Middle Class

Today in the life,
I saw a video on Facebook about how the middle class has been dwindling and how some people were calling it the new normal. How is that okay. I consider myself as middle class and to know that $50,000/yr was the average family income made me sad. That is no where near enough to support yourself let alone your family. I am not one to really focus on politics even though I know I should, but this video got to me. I think I will start to pay more attention to what is going on. Why only let those already in power make all the decisions when the USA is supposed to be a democracy. So my advice to you is to read an article that involves politics, and see how it makes you feel. Then read another one, and continue to stay in the loop. Without the people paying attention and unfortunately too busy to pay attention, politicians can do whatever they want and nobody would even bat an eye.
Well that is my rant for the day! Hope you have an amazing day!

♡ Crystal

Monday, January 26, 2015

First Senior Design Meeting

Today in the life,

I had my first meeting with my senior design group today. We have to create a processing plant that makes a certain chemical at a 99% purity and design everything from the infrastructure to the economics. It was an interesting meeting. I was appointed the contact person/organizer. Which basically means I have to make sure everything we do is organized and easily available to everyone. I am the main person who communicates what needs to be done and when we all need to have it done by. It's probably the hardest job but I am happy that they all trust me with the responsibility. I am the only female in my group which is fairly common. I have four males on my team. So being able to have control on my end is nice.

We have to create a progress report of our objectives and how far we are in completing them by Friday. We have to write a 4 page memo every two weeks. Apparently, in industry this is a common practice so it is good for us to practice doing this now. I am still looking for a job and have been applying all over the United States. I am so excited that Spring 2015 is my last semester. I cannot wait to be working with other engineers!

Anyways, if you all have a million and one things going on in your life at one time like I do, keep your head up, breath, stay organized and execute your goals by prioritizing what is important. I already rescheduled next week's meetings so that I could see my son's winter concert at school! Because even though I know school is extremely important, especially now that I will graduate in May, he will always take precedence over anything and everything else. Hope you all have an amazing night and remember that only you can make your life what you want it to be.

<3 Crystal

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cleaning Tips

Today in the life,
I continue to clean the house and get rid of things that are no longer of use to us. So here is some advice wheather you like it or not lol.

▪ If you have tax information from the 90's I think it's time to invest in a shredder and get rid of that junk. Normally 7 years for tax info is good.
▪ If you have clothes that are new but have not worn in one years time...give them away or donate them. Let's be honest here, if you haven't worn it yet, you are most likely not going to in the near future.
▪ Buy new hangers...personaly I like my hangers to be one color and plastic. I had old wired one's and when I got rid of them the closet looked more organized and presentable.
▪If you have children (I have an 8yr old who just accumulates toys) go through them with your child and make it a habit every year to go through them and trash the broken one's and donate the good ones. Especially if you know they get spoiled for their birthday and/or Christmas.

I'm sure I will come up with more soon and I will post again when I do. Good luck out there.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Starting Fresh

Today in the life,
The walls were painted white, papers were shredded and we shampooed the carpets. Things are changing around the house and I could not be happier.  Throwing away the old things that just can't give anymore and redecorating your space can be so much fun. Don't get me wrong it will take hours and your time, but once you are done,  it feels amazing. Like a whole new energy flows throughout the house and you can be happy to call this place your home/sanctuary.

I feel that your home should represent you to the fullest. Everything from the art on the walls to the color palette. Are you artistic, traditional, modern, simple, organized etc. Those traits that make you well you, should be reflected in your home as well. If you are messy, I can't really help ya there lol. But sometimes we all need adventure or something new to keep life interesting and changing the rooms around you can be everything you need.

The best advice I have gotten so far for decorating a space,  is that you should pick something (a statement piece) that is full of color and use that as your base. Once you have that item, add everything else in the room with subtle colors from the base item and no matter what you added and in whatever patterns you like,  the space will come out amazing.  Statement pieces I have come across were paintings, pillows, carpets,  couches, it really could be anything that you find beautiful.  So good luck and I  hope you have an amazing rest of your week.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year Resolutions

Today in the life,
I read an article about Marilyn Monroe and how she wrote a list of her New Year resolutions down. I don't know why I have never done this because my scheduling calander always has my to do lists ready to go. So anyway here are my new year resolutions for 2015.

1. Enjoy everything the year brings
2. Marry the most amazing man ever (I have already found him lol)
3. Lose 50 lbs to reach a healthy BMI level (join a gym)
4. Pass my last semester and graduate
5. Find an amazing job that I will love to go to everyday
6. If I move out of state...have my living situation all figured out
7. Visit my Nina in California
8. Hike up a mountain
9. Jump out of an airplane :)
10. Fly in a hot air baloon
11. Love my family each an everyday for their love and support
12. Stay determined and never give up on my dreams.
13. Be possitive...see the good in people
14. Talk to people more often (I am usually the listener)
15. Take my son to amazing places that he has never seen.
16. Enjoy the potential when you don't know what you are doing the next day. So many possibilities await.
17. Be open to new experiences
18. Be strong and embrace change
19. Be amazing
20. Cross off what you have accomplished from this list at the end of the year and make a new one :)

What are some of your new year resolutions? Hope you have an amazing 2015!!