Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Black Pumps!

Hello! Hope your day is going amazing and if not, keep your head up and push forward!

Today in the life,
I took my sis to the mall to shop for a b-day gift and an outfit for a concert coming up. We scoured almost every clothing store searching for the perfect outfit. While we looked around I found the cutest black pumps that would be perfect for career day we are having at school.  So of course I had to purchase them.

*Side note: found the black pumps at Forever 21 for only $20*

In a few weeks, career day will be upon us. Approximately 300 engineering companies attend! It's massive and putting your best foot forward is a must. Everyone is in straight competition to get the job. So finding the perfect outfit, that not only presents you in a professional manner but also your style, is key. In my opinion you can see a lot about a person by what they wear.

Anyway, I was unable to find a good power suit, so I will have to go shopping again, but we were able to find all the peices to my sister's outfit for the concert so I'll take that as a win!