Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lips of the season

Today in the life,  

I decided to wear my new lipstick, "Liar"by Urban Decay to work, and I have to say that I am in love with this nude color. It has a slight pink tint that is perfect for my darker skin. I've always had trouble finding a nude lipstick that would work for my skin,  go figure I would go to the new Ulta beauty store that just opened by my house and luck out! Eeek so excited. Especially because according to recent fashion shows,  natural is the "in" look! I love natural beauty so I'm glad I will be in style this fall season! So you can understand my excitement.

Anyways, as an update from my previous posts, I participated in the career fair at school last week, and it went amazing! At least 5 companies were interested so I'm over the moon with joy that it went well :)

The engineering companies were from allover the US though so I will have to see what would be best for my family. My original plan was to stay in Colorado because I absolutely love it here, but I'm keeping an open mind now to move to a different state. I know God will lead me in the right direction!

Attached are some of this years Fall Collection,  displaying natural beauty :) Enjoy!

Lloyd Simmonds About Fall-Winter 2014-15 Make-Up …:

And as always, stay positive,  smile and live your life in the way that makes you feel happy and free!