Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hot Chocolate...Yum

Today in the life,
The snow continues to fall in all its freezing glory. The fam and I took to Burlington's Coat Factory to replenish our seasonal gear for the coming winter. These low temps are no joke. Today was a high of 18 degrees and tomorrow a high of 10 degrees. Like what? 10 degrees is what I have to work with? Lol hence why we went shopping for coats, gloves and beanies galore.

After shopping we couldn't resist some hot cocoa from Starbucks :) Mmm the warm liquid flowing down my soar throat was the best thing ever! We went home and cooked some vegetable and beef stew. It was amazing and a perfect dinner for evenings like this. We watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with our kido and hung out the rest of the night while I wrote my report on oil extraction and completed most of my bioprocess engineering homework. Great day with the family today :) Hope you all had an awesome day too!

P.S. On behalf of it being Veteran's Day i have to say I have much respect to those who are serving for the USA currently and to those who have done so in the past.