Saturday, November 15, 2014


Today in the life,
I found inspiration from myself.  I wasn't quite sure what to post today until I looked back at my older posts and found "inspiration."
I have finally listened to my own advice lately which is... that the only person or thing holding you back from what you really yourself. 
My younger sister wanted to get her first job and asked for advice,  so I helped her create a resume and told her the types of questions you get asked. Anyway, she applied to places but didn't get any responses. I advised her to follow up on her applications and to speak to the manager and ensure that they knew she was definitely interested. Well she was nervous and I can't blame her because I am the same way. Well I told her that the worst thing that could happen is that they say they have filled the position or are uninterested because of your lack of experience. All they can do is say NO and you will be in the exact same place that you are now, BUT you will know where you stand with that company and can move on. Sure your ego could hurt a little but know that you are a great catch and can do anything you put your mind to. Just don't give up.
If you don't put yourself out there and start making connections, you can't go any further than you are now.
So today I was thinking back at this moment with my sister and how I needed to take my own advice and put myself out there. The engineering jobs I am looking for are not going to just knock on my door, I have to be confident, apply, and realize that the worse thing they could do to say no and I need to just keep pushing forward. Things always work out the way they should. I firmly believe in that.
So get out there and put your fears aside. A great man in my family once told me that all you can do is your best in this life, if you do your best, you will never feel bad about it. So get out there and be true to yourself. Do your best and make yourself proud and in turn you will make others proud of you along the way.
Have an amazing week!