Thursday, December 4, 2014

Best concert ever!

Today in the life,
I am still feeling the massive energy I received from the Usher concert 2 days ago!  Wow can that man perform. He engaged the crowd, controlled the stage like nobody's business and gave an amazing show. I had bought the tickets for my mom for her 50th birthday. She loves Usher (who doesn't right?) Anyways, I am so glad I got tickets because he blew my mind. He literally sounded like his voice was on the radio. So clean, he hit every high note with ease and the best part was that you felt his passion for what he does. You could feel his joy and happiness to do what he loves! We were so lucky to witness that!

So I most definitely recommend seeing his concert!

Also on the plus side DJ Cassidy opened for him as well as August Alsina...he has such an amazing voice too. He will go far for sure. You can tell when someone just has that drive to do and be better!

Anyways, have an amazing night!