Monday, January 26, 2015

First Senior Design Meeting

Today in the life,

I had my first meeting with my senior design group today. We have to create a processing plant that makes a certain chemical at a 99% purity and design everything from the infrastructure to the economics. It was an interesting meeting. I was appointed the contact person/organizer. Which basically means I have to make sure everything we do is organized and easily available to everyone. I am the main person who communicates what needs to be done and when we all need to have it done by. It's probably the hardest job but I am happy that they all trust me with the responsibility. I am the only female in my group which is fairly common. I have four males on my team. So being able to have control on my end is nice.

We have to create a progress report of our objectives and how far we are in completing them by Friday. We have to write a 4 page memo every two weeks. Apparently, in industry this is a common practice so it is good for us to practice doing this now. I am still looking for a job and have been applying all over the United States. I am so excited that Spring 2015 is my last semester. I cannot wait to be working with other engineers!

Anyways, if you all have a million and one things going on in your life at one time like I do, keep your head up, breath, stay organized and execute your goals by prioritizing what is important. I already rescheduled next week's meetings so that I could see my son's winter concert at school! Because even though I know school is extremely important, especially now that I will graduate in May, he will always take precedence over anything and everything else. Hope you all have an amazing night and remember that only you can make your life what you want it to be.

<3 Crystal