Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Starting Fresh

Today in the life,
The walls were painted white, papers were shredded and we shampooed the carpets. Things are changing around the house and I could not be happier.  Throwing away the old things that just can't give anymore and redecorating your space can be so much fun. Don't get me wrong it will take hours and your time, but once you are done,  it feels amazing. Like a whole new energy flows throughout the house and you can be happy to call this place your home/sanctuary.

I feel that your home should represent you to the fullest. Everything from the art on the walls to the color palette. Are you artistic, traditional, modern, simple, organized etc. Those traits that make you well you, should be reflected in your home as well. If you are messy, I can't really help ya there lol. But sometimes we all need adventure or something new to keep life interesting and changing the rooms around you can be everything you need.

The best advice I have gotten so far for decorating a space,  is that you should pick something (a statement piece) that is full of color and use that as your base. Once you have that item, add everything else in the room with subtle colors from the base item and no matter what you added and in whatever patterns you like,  the space will come out amazing.  Statement pieces I have come across were paintings, pillows, carpets,  couches, it really could be anything that you find beautiful.  So good luck and I  hope you have an amazing rest of your week.