Saturday, January 31, 2015

Politics: Middle Class

Today in the life,
I saw a video on Facebook about how the middle class has been dwindling and how some people were calling it the new normal. How is that okay. I consider myself as middle class and to know that $50,000/yr was the average family income made me sad. That is no where near enough to support yourself let alone your family. I am not one to really focus on politics even though I know I should, but this video got to me. I think I will start to pay more attention to what is going on. Why only let those already in power make all the decisions when the USA is supposed to be a democracy. So my advice to you is to read an article that involves politics, and see how it makes you feel. Then read another one, and continue to stay in the loop. Without the people paying attention and unfortunately too busy to pay attention, politicians can do whatever they want and nobody would even bat an eye.
Well that is my rant for the day! Hope you have an amazing day!

♡ Crystal